The Current Position: Advanced Equipment / Testing
Gravity casting equipment

Technical introduce
Making sand core equipment

Sand core

The core making workshop

Sand core machine

Core making machine
T6 heat treatment

T6 treatment furnace
Machining Center

CNC machining center

Machining center

Meeting to discuss

Technical discussion

Light of vibration equipment


Test the product
In our machining workshop, you'll find many advanced machining facilities. We have already introduced the 10 sets machining center, two-sided boring machine, linear cutting machine, milling machine, drilling machine, combined-lathe, and various specialized lathes.
Testing equipment


Tool setting gauge

Three coordinates

Tensile testing machine

Light's analyzer
Quality is the life of an enterprise. Also is the development cornerstone, is the enterprise realizes the sustainable development basis. We strive for the best quality, satisfies for our customer。 We also have introduced advanced inspection and testing facilities, like 3D measurement system. Spectral Analysis System,Hardness Test equipment.cutting tool presetter