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Gravity casting equipment

Capacity of foundry production equipment

2 set Mechanica arm(ABB) for auto cast cylinder head mould, 1 set Robotic arm operation 3 set mould for cylinder head 180pcs casting/day/2 shift 1000pcs each day. Average 20Tons alu each day.

2015 new low pressure casting machine

T6 heat treatment

Continuous heat treatment furnace, a total of 7 small furnace inside, 3 furnace solid solution treatment, 3 furnace aging , 1 furnace outside turnover, released once an hour, 24hours working.

Machining Center
Import lean production in December 2014 to promote the standardization of enterprise management, and take the road of sustainable management.

-----U Lean production line for cylinder head-------------


Testing equipment

Enterprises established a testing center, measurement and management system through the "Zhongqi measurement system center" certification. Testing center equipped with coordinate measuring instrument, spectrum analyzer, metallographic microscope, intelligent temperature control of resin coated sand making machine, intelligent sand strength machine, Brinell hardness tester, tensile testing machine and rough degree detector and other special testing equipment and the technical requirements for products of chemical composition, microstructure, CDA, surface quality of comprehensive analysis and accurate detection and for product quality is stable and gradually improve lay a solid and reliable foundation.

2006 passed ISO/TS16949 certification

The process flow


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